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Quantifiable Outdoor Advertising with Intelligent Out of Home Advertising: IOOH

A decade ago, brands and ad agencies have made major investments in their marketing budgets on various forms of outdoor advertising. It included billboards, hoardings, posters, etc. In recent years, this traditional Out-of-Home Advertising is being challenged. It is due to digital advancements, technological developments, and the growth of social media influence.  What is Out-of-Home advertising?  Out-of-Home advertising is a traditional form in which advertising is done outdoor and offline. The target location of this advertising is public places, commercial places, commute stations, and channels. In other words, places with constant audience presence. As there is no involvement of digital means or programs, OOH  is also known as offline advertising or outdoor advertising.  The present-day advertising world is demanding OOH to introduce a new key element. DIGITAL into advertising as there is a dominance of technological innovation and online media advertising. T

Transition of Out Of Home Advertising towards IOOH with Drishte-i

Drishte A brief intro to Drishte: Drishte is a transformational Ad-tech company leveraging computer vision to create IOOH. Drishte is a platform to access the drishte-i network to launch OOH campaigns with audience profiling and empowered with real-time feedback on the campaign's reach and penetration. Before we continue to explain the transition we are trying to bring, We have to mention a few details about OOH, DOOH, and change of phase of advertising with Digital Marketing. Branding with Out Of Home Advertising, Digital Marketing Dynamic Out of Home Advertising: Before the DIgital Era, OOH and Media Advertising are the major shareholders in advertising industries, Though they are not such big numbers in revenue considering then GDP's. Because from ages it is evident that OOH is one of the best marketing channels to gain trust and brand awareness. But it hadn't been in the same way for long. adapting to new trends is much needed for any business. Nokia