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Transition of Out Of Home Advertising towards IOOH with Drishte-i


A brief intro to Drishte:

Drishte is a transformational Ad-tech company leveraging computer vision to create IOOH. Drishte is a platform to access the drishte-i network to launch OOH campaigns with audience profiling and empowered with real-time feedback on the campaign's reach and penetration. Before we continue to explain the transition we are trying to bring, We have to mention a few details about OOH, DOOH, and change of phase of advertising with Digital Marketing.

Branding with Out Of Home Advertising, Digital Marketing Dynamic Out of Home Advertising:

Before the DIgital Era, OOH and Media Advertising are the major shareholders in advertising industries, Though they are not such big numbers in revenue considering then GDP's. Because from ages it is evident that OOH is one of the best marketing channels to gain trust and brand awareness. But it hadn't been in the same way for long. adapting to new trends is much needed for any business. Nokia's top leaders mentioned this phrase many times. Because they played the same game in different ways but didn't change the game to match the trend.

Game-changer is the Internet, Direction of Advertising has been completely changed with the internet, Previously it's about brand presence. Now it's all about Audience profiling, Specific targetting, Iterecativity and analytics. Now DOOH made significant efforts to enhance OOH which is why it's the only traditional medium to grow. These Dynamic OOH at least made the content dynamic to serve multiple contents in a single channel and at most geo-specific content, But it's not the only best way to enhance OOH. Because OOH possesses a lot of potentials that even the internet doesn't possess. Here a few lines quoted from other sources which explain in a better way

"As data and technology help fuel a global and local renaissance for the Out of Home (OOH) channel, its traditional brand building attributes remain relevant and effective which offers advertisers the opportunity to emotionally resonate with consumers and generate long term brand equity through iconic imagery and locations. The scale, reach and impact of the OOH canvass is long-proven but now, more than ever, OOH can match brands’ creative ambitions with high quality, classic formats working alongside modern and attractive Digital OOH (DOOH) networks."


The above stats suggest that OOH is the only channel that is growing while remaining traditional channels are approaching the death door with the advent of internet advertising.

Drishte to boost this growth with a transformational technology of Drishte-i :

Drishte is developing a plug and play device called drishte-i connected to any OOH display, which leverages computer vision to profile the audience for the right advertising to the right people at the right place and time. This Drishte-i Network is accessible on the Drishte platform where an advertiser or an advertising agency can launch a campaign at their own comfort with affordable slots sliced by Drishte with its state of art artificial intelligence system. Thereby after the campaign, they will get truthful analytics from Drishte as It's not internet with a good share of fake profiles to interact with your advertisement. Drishte also helps Big giants by its aggregated emotional feedback for the campaign which will inturn showcase the reach and penetration of the campaign content. This will be a lifesaver to Biggies as they can edit the content and increase the reach before they end up spending crores with the same content with less penetration.

From the above stats and our product info, We will justify the Title that Drishte will make OOH advertising targetted, affordable, flexible and last but most impactful would be intelligent. Drishte-i makes OOH advertising more intelligent by keeping its unargued benefits preserved. Drishte is creating a new domain called IOOH Which is described as "Intelligent Out Of Home Advertising".


  1. but what Drishte is doing different from what the sources have. Audience profiling is done on basis of a mobile app which is again dependent on some third-party(They have to use that app at that time). Drishte uses computer vision (AI to recognise the audience and profile them) which is a reliable real-time solution. And emotion based feedback is more quantifiable solution because it's not done with any other app or some other place.

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