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Quantifiable Outdoor Advertising with Intelligent Out of Home Advertising: IOOH

A decade ago, brands and ad agencies have made major investments in their marketing budgets on various forms of outdoor advertising. It included billboards, hoardings, posters, etc. In recent years, this traditional Out-of-Home Advertising is being challenged. It is due to digital advancements, technological developments, and the growth of social media influence. 

What is Out-of-Home advertising? 

Out-of-Home advertising is a traditional form in which advertising is done outdoor and offline. The target location of this advertising is public places, commercial places, commute stations, and channels. In other words, places with constant audience presence. As there is no involvement of digital means or programs, OOH  is also known as offline advertising or outdoor advertising. 

The present-day advertising world is demanding OOH to introduce a new key element. DIGITAL into advertising as there is a dominance of technological innovation and online media advertising.

The above stats suggest that OOH is the only channel that is growing. The remaining traditional channels are approaching the dead end with the advent of internet advertising. 

Digital and Programmatic Out-of-Home Advertising (DOOH/POOH) : 

The integration of out-of-home advertising with digital elements is called as digital out-of-home advertising. 

This form of advertising is attractive and interactive as it is empowered by digital elements and channels. These are displayed in public-accessible places. Digital billboards, digital signage, display screens, etc.  are some of the various benefits of DOOH. These benefits are over old age out-of-home advertising as technology plays a key role. “Programmatic Out of Home Advertising” is another next-generation domain that made DOOH programmatic and Dynamic by leveraging location intelligence, Weather Intelligence, etc. 

“Drishte is an ad-tech company leveraging computer vision focussing DOOH, intended to provide an end-to-end solution to the advertisers, ad agencies, brands and internet CPM Campaigners to create and execute non-internet advertising campaigns powered by reliable real-time audience profiling for better targeting and campaign content penetration all at one place.” 

Drishte Platform’s advent in creating an IOOH (Intelligent Out of Home Advertising) which goes beyond DOOH and POOH : 

The integration of Digital Out-Of-Home advertising with Artificial Intelligence is called Intelligent Out-Of-Home advertising.  And this Artificial intelligence factor will come up with Drishte-i. 

Drishte-i is designed as a plug and play device that can be connected to an OOH display. Drishte-i leverages Computer vision for audience profiling in order to find the fitting audience at the appropriate time and place. This extensive, intelligent network is accessible on the Drishte platform. With a state-of-art AI system, an advertiser or an ad-agency can launch a campaign in their own time. Drishte provides advertisers and agencies with affordable slots for their campaign purposes. Unlike various fake profiles loitering on the internet, analytics presented by Drishte are rather true and insightful. This can serve a huge advantage for big brands as Drishte-i shares aggregated emotional feedback for each campaign. Information that matters such as the reach, penetration of the campaign content is also shared with the advertisers. 

Some of the core advantages of Drishte offered through the IOOH domain includes-

  • Enhanced Targeting
  • Real-time Emotion-based analytics
  • Smart Visibility. 

DOOH, advertising was quite boring as it required a lot of manual effort. This is not the case of IOOH. Intelligent Out-of-Home advertising caters to the requirements with increased efficiency and effectiveness. Such precision in the case of DOOH and POOH advertising is not possible. 

Drishte is on a mission to make OOH advertising targetted, affordable, flexible, and last but most impactful would be intelligent. Drishte-i makes OOH advertising more intelligent by keeping its unargued benefits preserved. Likewise, Drishte aims in creating a new domain called IOOH which is described as "Intelligent Out Of Home Advertising".


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